Canary Islands

Destination : Tenerife – Gran Canaria 

Itinerary & fun facts 

 August 2019

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The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa. These steep relief volcanic islands are known for their black and white sand beaches. The archipelago is made up of 7 islands. Their climate is ideal all year round with temperatures around 28 ° in summer and 20 ° in winter. Many studies and millions of tourists from all over the world consider the Canaries to have the best climate in the world.

We started the adventure with Gran Canaria which is an island with a rich biodiversity. Then we finished with Tenerife, the largest island, which is dominated by the Teide peak, a volcano belonging to the Teide national park.

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Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo





Globetrotteurs in Gran Canaria 

What did we visit during our trip to Gran Canaria ?

Roque Nublo : The largest natural rock in the world

Image roque nublo

The route to the top of the Nublo rock begins on the general road, from which we follow 1.5 km to reach the surroundings of the natural monument.

This trekking measures in total 5 kilometers and allows you to contemplate the major dams of Las Niñas, the city of Tejeda, and the mountain of Pozo de las Nieves.

This trekking gave us a hard time because the path goes up all the way, but the view is worth it. Then, we went down by one of the passes to go to the town of Tejeda passing through a huge pine forest. In all, we covered 22 km and we walked for 6 hours. Finally, we couldn’t take it anymore !

image randonnée

Tips : take lots of water with you because the climate is dry, and the environment is arid. In addition, be well equipped with hiking sneakers, sunglasses, a head covering and sunscreen. 

Fun fact : when we arrived at the top of the Nublo rock, we saw, on the opposite mountain, a thick smoke that emerged. Not thinking that the fire could be amplified, we continued the hike. Then, two days later, we learned from the news that the fire had spread and towns such as Tejeda, where we went, were evacuated. We were lucky !

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Las Palmas : Gran Canaria’s Capital

image de las palmas

Las Palmas is the capital of Gran Canaria. Important port for cruise ships, the city is famous for its shopping and sandy beaches. At Playa de Las Canteras, a coral reef runs along the beach and protects swimmers. It is the eighth largest city in Spain.

The fairly old district of Vegueta is home to the Basilica of Santa Ana and the splendid colonial architecture. The Canario Museum will teach you more about the life of the Guanches.

Las Arenas is one of the largest shopping centers in Las Palmas and even Gran Canaria. During our visit to Las Palmas we were able to spend a day in this mall, it’s huge, there are very good restaurants and very nice shops in an idyllic setting. So, on your wallets !

Tip : during this trip, we stayed at Vencidario which is 1 hour from the capital. We recommend public transport to go to Las Palmas and then walking around the capital. The day will be cheaper and with climate and landscapes, nothing is better. Be careful not to get lost !

Mogán : One of the famous ports of Gran Canaria

image mogan

Mogán is a small town located on the southwest side of Grand Canaria’s Island. The flowery town of Mogán is full of charm.

It has a very nice seaside resort. By its beauty, the port of Mogán is a very popular place for tourists. It is also the starting point for many cruises to see the marine flora and fauna of Gran Canaria.

We took the boat to explore the marine life and saw dolphins it was beautiful. I recommend this activity that I booked on

In addition, we have done an incredible activity in Arguineguin (village of the municipality of Mogán). We paddled at sunset, it was wonderful to be on the water and to admire the beauty of the sky. We booked this activity on Airbnb.

Image gran canaria 12

Tip : for the cruise do not hesitate to come early to boarding in order to avoid queuing and to get good places on the boat.

Fun fact : during the cruise, the waves were out and with speed the water came on the boat. Obviously, our things were on the ground and our bags ended up soaking wet.

Maspalomas : The Gran Canaria Desert

image maspalomas

Maspalomas is a seaside resort located in the south of the island of Gran Canaria. To the west of the city, the Maspalomas dunes, measuring ten meters high, are preserved thanks to the creation of a natural park. The latter includes several ecosystems such as the lagoon de La Charca.

This city is full of hotels and apartments, leisure and night entertainment. Maspalomas is famous for its vast dunes and its constantly hot climate as well as for its lighthouse visited by the whole world. During our trip to Maspalomas we did a photo shooting in the famous dunes, here are some photos :

We did a camel ride, it was a very original activity. However, we were very disappointed with the care of these fabulous animals. We also booked this activity on

Tip : drink lots of water because it is very hot on the dunes. In addition, the sand is boiling so do not walk barefoot on the sand at the risk of burning yourself.

Fun fact : during our photo session on the dunes, we did not notice that next to us was a nudist beach. The surprise was funny.

Globetrotteurs in Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Islands, located off the west coast of Africa. It is dominated by the Teide and is especially famous for the Santa Cruz carnival which is a huge festival.

The island offers many beaches and resorts such as Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas. The southwest coast of the island is a great place to see whales as well as other species like dolphins, orcas and even blue whales.

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Punta de Teno

What did we visit during our trip to Tenerife ?

Santa Cruz : the capital of Tenerife

image tenerife

Santa Cruz is the capital of Tenerife located in the northeast of the island. This port city is well preserved, notably its historic district which includes the colonial church of the Immaculate Conception.

The city has different squares, including the Plaza de España. Its pleasant climate and open-air shopping areas make it a perfect city for walks and long days of shopping.

The Tenerife Auditorium is an emblematic place of Tenerife as well as its observatory located on the Teide, where many visitors and scientists come every year to observe the stars.

We fell in love with this modern city steeped in history. During our trip, we stayed in a beautiful apartment in the heart of the capital that we rented on Airbnb.

Punta de Teno : the famous lighthouse of Buenavista del Norte

image punta de teno

During our stay in Tenerife, we decided to spend an entire day visiting the most important places in the north of Tenerife. The Teno lighthouse is one of the places we visited as well as Barranco de Masca, Puerto de la Cruz, Garachico, The Gordejuela watermill and other places we have crossed.

Punta de Teno lighthouse is located west of Tenerife, which is a protected area in the Teno Rural Park. From the lighthouse you can observe the cliffs of Los Gigantes. Punta de Teno is one of my favorite places in Tenerife. There are no homes listed for miles around.

Tip : watch out for the spectacular gusts of wind that will blow your mind !

Montaña Roja : the red mountain

Image Îles canaries

In the south of the island, we saw places like Montana Roja, the natural pool of Charco de la Laja and los Cristianos.

The 171-meter-high Montaña Roja specializes in being made of red sands and red stones that is the result of a coastal eruption. This place is really beautiful especially at sunset. Here is a photo taken at the top of the mountain.

Tip : like the Punta de Teno lighthouse, the wind is blowing very hard, I advise you to be careful especially when you are at the top of the mountain.

Fun fact : many people go to this beach to practice nudism because of the privacy that the place offers.

image montana roja

El Teide : the third highest volcano on the planet

Image Îles canaries

The Teide, which is located in the center of the island, is the third tallest and voluminous volcanic structure on the planet, it is also the highest peak in the Canary Islands and all of Spain.

It is a spectacular location accessible by cable car from Teide National Park. Teide National Park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The national park has a rich biodiversity. For me, this is the place that most characterizes Tenerife. It looks like the planet Mars.

The surroundings of this volcano are arid and harsh but this raw beauty leaves no one indifferent. We were blown away by the sheer size of this place. It’s an incredible excursion that I absolutely recommend when you come to Tenerife.

Fun fact : the Teide, with its impressive size, was used as a lighthouse by navigators who sought to go to the south of the Atlantic Ocean.

For more information and to find out what we visited in detail, go to my Instagram account : @_globetrotteuse_

Thank you for watching our article on the Canary Islands. Do not hesitate to check out other destinations.

 Thank you & have a nice trip ! 

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