My projects

Animated girl

The project was to create, in 1 hour, an animation using given elements on Photoshop. I decided to create an animation for a halloween brand. 

G&G ad video

This video has been created during  my academic project which was to create an 1 minute ad on an object. With my colleague, we have chosen to realize an ad on fall collection of  eyeglasses. 

Instagram ad for Nike

For this project, we had to realize an Instragram ad for Nike in 2 hours with elements given on Photoshop. Therefore, I decided to realize a street art ad. 

Image projet 2

Makeover of Coca-Cola journey website 

This project allowed me to acquire multiple skills. In fact, we had to remake the website’s Home page. For the first step : Make a benchmark. For the second step : create a Wireframe. For the last step : invent the Home page design. I wanted to create a modern page corresponding to Coca-Cola.

Image projet 4

Renault project for Tequilarapido 

During the insides days at Tequilarapido, with my colleagues we have to work on the EV summit event. We had to promote the event on social networks and make a presentation of the result.  We started with a benchmark and a study of targets, then we invented a Big Idea and finally we presented it. Here you can see the Instagram account of Renault in which we added the event posts.  

image projet 5

 Photoshop editing 

I had the opportunity to make several photo edits. You can see one of them. 

image projet 6

Shoes illustration 

For this project, the goal was to draw on Adobe Illustrator software, a Nike Air force with a decor around it that we have chosen. 

Creation of a tourism blog

Creation of a tourist blog on Toulouse. You can find good plans, a unique circuit and the essentials of Toulouse.

Image projet 9


Research and creation of UX / UI functionalities for the SNCF site. Creation of a wow effect with the SNCF fidelity card that we created.

Image projet 10


Creation of a startup focusing on IT assistance.

image projet 11


Realization of a photoshop montage with images and a given time.

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